Laundry Service Pricing

All laundry is washed in complimentary name brand quality detergent.

On Average it takes 48 hours to complete your order.  We try to complete it sooner if we can, to guarantee having it done then please select the rush order fee.

We give you a courtesy text when your laundry is finished so you may manage your day.

Wash Dry Fold Per Pound ($12 minimum)

  • Non-promotional rate: $1.30 (Drop Off Service)
  • All day Wednesday $1.15
  • Pick Up & Delivery $1.75 per pound ($35 Minimum)
  • Extra Load Fee (whites, colors, darks, delicates, etc): $6.00 per load
  • Rush Fee $5.00 per load (if you would like your laundry within 6 hours)
  • Hanger charge (laundry provided wire hangers): $0.30 per hanger
  • $2 for additional stain or fragrance booster (fabric softener, unstoppables, etc.)

Comforters, Quilts, Mattress Pads, Blankets (Fleece/Wool), Sleeping Bags

  • Non-promotional rate: $18.00, Down Comforters $25.00
  • All day Wednesday $16.00 (This excludes all feather down comforters, quilts, mattress pads)

Pick up & Delivery Questionaire

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