How do i know what it will cost to wash my clothes?

A common question that we receive is how much does my laundry weight? It is hard to determine this at home with a bathroom scale, so here we give you some estimates to get an idea of your laundry weight.

If you take a tall trash bag, which typically is 13 gallons, and fill it with laundry, it will weight roughly 15 pounds. There are many variables to the weight depending on the types of clothes or linens that needing laundering. But with this estimate, you can roughly guess how much your laundry weights. Since the conversion is close to 1lb to 1 gallon of bag size, this a good way to estimate if you have larger bags of laundry. a 30 gallon trash bag can hold roughly 30 pounds of laundry.

If you’re still struggling to figure out your estimated laundry weight, you can also stand on your scale and get your weight. Next, hold the bag or basked of laundry and weight yourself. The difference in weight is how much the laundry weights.

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